Okay, you've done your research.  You read my pics.  ou maybe even got a deeper glimpse by reading my blogs. But what do others have to say about me?  A lot. And it's all glowing! Take a look at some of my reviews and kind words by my lovely amazing suitors.

Cassandra Cox

Oct 10, 2017
I arrived at her luxury DT Toronto hotel incall with my now canonical Champagne, OJ, fruit bowl and in her case a true crime story which she mentioned on her website as her favourite brand of literature. What a stunner. 5'9" in her bare feet, leggy and busty, wrapped up in an impossibly small tight red cocktail dress. Loves drinking bubbles, claiming they make her more "bubbly". Well do they ever. We cracked the Veuve and sipped away as we started talking about all the filthy dirty things we were going to do to each other. I don't know how it devolved to this level so quickly, but I will tell you, Cassandra knows what makes men tick. I started molesting her big tits through her dress as her nipples hardened, telling her what I was going to do with my tongue to her cunt and her asshole. She returned the favour by stroking my cock to attention through my pants and describing how it was going to feel getting skullfucked by it. This is how it went. Our mouths engaged for some very deep tonsil hockey. By the time we got through our first flute of wine we were so thoroughly jazzed all there was to do was rip off each other's clothes and get down to it. We did everything we discussed and more. Specifically, after starting with a nice BBBJ, I really started fucking Cassandra’s face before load one went into her pretty little mouth. Then it was her turn as I slid down stopping for a second to impale my ass on her gorgeous rock hard nipples, finally going down on her rosebud and pussy, to get her an orgasm. After some very enjoyable mish and doggy, I blasted load two on her incredible boobs. I'm not sure what her limits are but I have a very dirty mind and we didn't seem to hit any speed zones at all. Autobahn all the way baby. Cassandra even rimmed me, which was a first from an SP for me. She's just down for anything, provided you proceed respectfully and with open lines of communication. She loves the dance and so do I.
I cannot imagine a better person with which to enjoy a hardcore sex experience with a hot, smart, fun, witty courtesan. Thanks Cassandra. I want to see you again and again.
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Cassandra Cox/Casey

Aug 15, 2017
WOW! Cassandra is great! Of all the professional women I have met, I have not been disappointed in the least. I don’t want to diminish any of the other women (because I would jump at the opportunity to see any of them again), but Cassandra is someone very very special. She is the whole package. Friendly, fun, smart, and oh so very very sexy. To get an idea of who Cassandra is, you need to build a super-woman. Take the body of a Playboy centerfold, the face of a runway model, the mind of a computer, the sexual energy of a minx in heat, and the down to earth friendly attitude of your sister…..wait….that sounds creepy… about your sister’s hot hot friend?
A meeting with Cassandra is the way it should be – easy, fun, care free, sensual, funny, wet, serious, sensual, sophisticated, intimate, uncomplicated, sweaty, animal, frantic. I’ve had some great dates, but I think meeting Cassandra was the most FUN and most relaxed I have ever been. And it is because of the vibe she brings - her confidence in herself, and her very laid back attitude. One in a million.
Have a look at her website and if you can come up with one good reason not to see her, you are not human. Man or woman, I can’t imagine anybody not being turned on by her. Then contact her, and if you don’t fall in love with her fun and flirty and easygoing attitude, I would wonder what more you are looking for? If you actually meet her and you aren’t completely obsessed with seeing her again then you must be lying to yourself.
I should give her a lousy review to keep her to myself, but I can’t do that to her - she loves having sex with strangers too much to keep her for only one guy. Like they say, if you love someone, set them free and hopefully they will come back to you. So I am telling the world she is wonderful. I know I will come back to Cassandra, and I really hope she will come back to me.
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Jul 10, 2017
After the second glass of wine, clothes were flying everywhere. Cassandra is a sight for sore eyes. She has amazing breasts and loves to be touched all over. I could have ate her for days. She devoured every inch of my cock with pleasure. It took every ounce of strength for me to not cum in her mouth, not that this would have been an issue either. On came the cover. She slowly guided my cock deep inside of her. Impossible to tell whom was enjoying this experience more!!!! A few minutes later I came harder than I have ever had. She rolled over and gladly cleaned me up. More wine and chocolate and another few rounds of eating Cassandra and her attempting to devour my cock. On goes another condom and this time I mounted her. Thank God I go to Toronto often for business and pleasure
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One in a Million

Jun 27, 2017
I have had the pleasure of seeing Cassandra Cox a number of times in my hometown, Toronto. I was in Chicago to see Hamilton and the planets aligned as Cassandra was there touring. As Hamilton would say, "I am not throwing away my shot".
I booked Cassandra for a two hour appointment after seeing Hamilton. I told her to wear casual attire, jeans and of course a low top for obvious reasons. Check out her pics on twitter and you'll know what I mean! I am tall (6'2") so Cassandra is the perfect height for me (she's 5'9"). She has legs that go on for days and they end at the most glorious butt imaginable. She has a few tasteful tattoos that look fantastic on her. She has a gorgeous pair of man made breasts, firm and all so full, kudos to the surgeon! And Cassandra's face, gorgeous, model like, with the most wicked smile in the world...... once again, check out her website and twitter pics, they are all 100% accurate.
Cassandra was really excited to see a familiar face on her travels. I was on a high after Hamilton and Cassandra kept me in the clouds for the next 2 hours. After sharing a couple of glasses of wine and catching up, Cassandra very naturally placed her hands between my legs.....
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Chicago - Went the Extra Mile

Jun 13, 2017
I was standing next to the bed naked except for my socks and my cock in her mouth. BTW, she was still dressed. I helped her out of her tight top and freed her nice man-made tits and she went back to the BBBJ while I caressed her tits and got her nipples super hard. Her BBBJ was nice and sloppy, very wet. After about 10 minutes of her great BBBJ, I pushed her on her back and began to kiss my way up her long legs and when I got to her dripping pot, I found her stroking herself deep with her middle 2 fingers. She withdrew them as I began to DATY. She was groaning and pulling my head in deeper and then began to convulse for O #1. She said she had to taste my mouth and kissed me deeply. She then went back to the BBBJ before suiting me up and mounting me CG. DFK and tit sucking as she grounded down hard on my cock. She started to convulse again and then I felt my balls get drenched. She apologized for squirting on problem We then went to missionary before doggy. She has a great ass and the view of her dripping pussy from this vantage point was golden. I slowly entered her with one long deliberate stroke and she let out a deep moan. When I would pull back, she would push me back in with her legs. I then began to fuck her hard until I came. We rested for a bit and she began to toy with my limp penis. Soon I was erect again and she was delivering another world class BBBJ. This time she finished with a nice sloppy shot in the mouth.
A very hot, tall, and sexy blond girl with a perfect attitude. I highly recommend.
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Casey @ Minx

Sep 14, 2016
This is a composite review of multiple sessions I have had with Casey @ Minx over the last several months. All have been incall at various airport locations. Each has been slightly different but all have been intensely satisfying. I’m not going to detail every acronym but I will say that I appreciate a broad range of PSE play activities and have yet to be less than completely satisfied. As always YMMV.

Casey first came to my attention by recommendation from Laura Alexandra who spent some time at Minx before going indy. Despite the glowing referral I hesitated for longer than I want to admit because of her pictures. They’re not terrible but they don’t exactly make you jump up and take notice. The photos on the Minx website are a pale representation of real life and I deeply regret having waited so long to see her.

I eventually pulled the trigger and booked a session this spring. I reached out through Twitter to say hello before my session. Casey was very friendly and we chatted a bit about Laura A and what we each enjoyed in a session.

On my first visit I was met at the door by a tall, leggy, scantly clad blonde with sparkly eyes and her signature pink lipstick. The lipstick didn’t last long as the DFK started almost immediately after the door closed. I’m pretty certain the making the introduction on Twitter helped as hands moved freely and we were both fingering, feeling and tasting each other before we made it out of the entry way. I have a recollection of her grabbing my hand and pulling it into her sodden pussy. Once my fingers were thoroughly covered with pussy juice she brought my hand up to her mouth and licked it clean. Good times…

The greetings have only gotten more intense. She knows that I am always freshly showered when I arrive so there isn’t any delay to play time. Sometimes it’s fast and hard and my dick is in her mouth before I can even get my pants and shoes off. Other times it has been slow and sensuous with lots of kissing and touching and we’re both literally dripping by the time the clothes hit the floor. It then becomes a battle to see who gets to taste the other first.

Casey will strategically position herself with the mirror while doing her best to deep throat my cock but I’m pretty sure that is as much for her benefit as it is for mine. Same goes for FS. Doesn’t matter what position, and Casey is game for them all, she wants to see and watch as much as you do!

I’m no longer good for MSOG in an hour session but that is certainly on offer and encouraged by Casey. Instead she actively and willingly takes a role in prolonging my pleasure taking care to keep me on the edge without going too far. She has a rare talent to allow a session to naturally ebb and flow while continuing to build instead of a simple linear progression to make you cum although I have no doubt that she can do that if that’s what you’re looking for.

Casey also has a wee bit of a cum fetish. CIM(SW), COB, COF - she loves it. Or at least she loves mine (and her own).

Casey says that she loves being an SP and I for one believe her. She is a rare combination of looks, skill and enthusiasm that will keep me coming back again and again.
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Casey - ATF

Sep 11, 2016
I’m not sure what else there is to say about this woman. If you search on this board for Casey Minx, you will find a ton of reviews on this lady, and I don’t think there is a negative one.

I am not a blow-by-blow details or number ratings type of person. You can find that in the other Casey reviews.

I have been seeing Casey now for almost 2 years and every session is different. Every session is better than the last. Sexually, she has expanded my horizons and has allowed me to experience new things I never would have experienced before.

She has also turned me around on the fake vs. real debate. She has returned from a brief hiatus with a new set of ‘enhancements’ that look and feel fantastic and have opened up new options during our sessions.

Casey can be sensual, highly sexual, frisky or even freaky. If you are respectful and communicative, she is very responsive to whatever you might be looking for. With a smart and bubbly attitude, she would also perfect or outcall sessions. She is classy enough for arm candy if you want to have an intimate meal date or arm candy to make an ex jealous.

She is an experienced not to be missed. For me, outcalls, duos and trios are next on the list with her.
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May 19, 2016
Casey was amazing! All the great things said about her are true. My hour with her included all the acronyms you are wondering about and went far to fast. We tried Mish, CG, doggy and RCG, DATY was to die for and she reciprocated with an amazing BBBJ with CIM, cob finish. Next time,and there will be a next time, I will book 2 hours.

Thank you Casey!
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Casey At Minx

Apr 30, 2016
Casey at Minx

I must first state that I didnt really read too many reviews of Casey before booking. Truth be told I find most gushing reviews to be somewhat fabricated, and shall we say embellished? Anyway, I guess I went in kind of blind, aside from her pics on the Minx website.

Afterwards, I did read a few reviews. And i then had to admit I was wrong. All those gushing reviews of her are accurate for the most part. So accurate that I almost didn't feel the need to write this review, as I think I'd just be repeating things. But what the heck.

Booked an hour appointment and made my way up to the room. I was greeted by a tall, thin, pretty blonde. Long legs, pink lipstick (apparently it's her favourite colour), and a wonderul smile. Felt like she was so happy to see me, like she was waiting all week for my arrival. She was wearing a lacy, white onepiece outfit. Sorry, I don't know the offcial term for it, but it left nothing to the imagination. Nice small boobs, slim body and long legs. Fantastic.

After the shower she was waiting for me in the bedroom. We got right into the session. Like I said, it felt like she was waiting for me, like I'd been away a long time and ths was my welcome home. Everything seemed to flow naturally with her. Fantastic bbbj, lots of kissing, several positions that just kind of flowed into one another. Im taller than her, so nothing awkward wih the height difference, but she's about 5'9" I'd guess. It was the perfect mix of PSE and GFE for me. Like I was banging my girlfriend, who happened to be a pornstar? Lots of eye contact and she's quite loud, if you're into that. It all sounded very genuine to me.

Enjoyed a nice COB/COF finish. CIM is not really my thing, I much prefer to see my jizz on her body and face. She even encouraged me by saying to show her the mess I can make. I gladly did. Cleaned up with a towel and we had a few minutes to lie together and chat. Casey seems like a very smart girl, and very down to earth. Which is probably why the time flew by. Between the laughing, smiling, joking and fucking, the hour was gone.

Showered, dressed and was treated to one final kiss on the way out.

I will most definitely be repeating with Casey. To me, she's the perfect mix of sexy and down-to-earth coolness. Like your big brother's hot girlfriend who was nice to you while he and his friends picked on you and tormented you and she didnt and was nice and you were completely obessed with how pretty she was and she smelled so nice and was so tall and blonde and nice? Or did that not happen to everyone? Anyway I kid. But I will definitely be repeating. Just as soon as I can make it.
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Mar 31, 2016
What can I possibly say about Casey that hasn't been said already .... a charming young Lady and sexy as hell ...... I wish more women in civvy street (The real world !!) were like her.... terrific conversationally, stunningly gorgeous and sexually intuitive

I walked back to my car with a smile as well as wobbly knees !!

Would I repeat ? .... Hell yes !!
I've already started saving my loonies
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Review Casey at Minx

Feb 22, 2016
After having read all the reviews on Terb and following Casey on Twitter I eventually got to see her a few days ago. Boy was I mesmerized by her. She is an absolute beauty and now on top of my favorites list. She is very active and really gets into the session. I have only seen a handful of ladies that really get me going and she is one of them. She has a fantastic body and needless to say she tastes like honey all over. I am not going to go into all the acronyms suffice to say that I was satisfied completely and will for sure be back for more.

Thanks dear until we meet again.
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Feb 22, 2016
After having read all the reviews on Terb and following her on Twitter I eventually got to see her a few days ago. Boy was I mesmerized by her. She is an absolute beauty and now on top of my favorites list. She is very active and really gets into the session. I have only seen a handful of ladies that really get me going and she is one of them. She has a fantastic body and needless to say she tastes like honey all over. I am not going to go into all the acronyms suffice to say that I was satisfied completely and will for sure be back for more.

Thanks dear until we meet again.
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Still thinking about her a 2 weeks later.

Feb 19, 2016
I figured I should write this review before I head off to Holland for good, so here goes:

It's been a little under two weeks since I last saw the beautiful Cassandra and this lady is still on my mind! She was absolutely dynamite the previous time I saw her, and again this time.

I booked for an hour of fun and was it ever worth it. The better half of the session we just talked and drank wine, it was a blast to just relax and shoot the shit. I forgot who noticed how much time we had left, but the tone quickly shifted from a relax, giggling time to a hot and steamy PSE session. This girl has been reviewed numerous times before and everything stated in those reviews are 100% accurate.

My session with her was nothing short of spectacular: BBBJ with DT and loads of spit and gagging noise (God damn, so fucking hot), a perfect ass in my eyes (and quite tasty too ), her kitty is very tasty and very responsive which turned me on even more. Multiple positions were had in the short time I had left, missionary, doggy, cow girl, reverse cow girl - this lady loved every single position, moaning and screaming for more, and even blushing some - my absolute favourite was when she let her hair down and went reverse cow girl, what a sight! I was ready to pop so I told her to get on her knees and she took the load like a fucking champion (CIM and COF).

This girl is 10's across the board in my eyes.

Guys, don't miss your chance to see this beauty.
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Caset At Minx

Jan 07, 2016
Thought I'd provide a review of Casey. I saw her in spring of 2015. Better late than never I suppose? I know she has great reviews and I echo those. Incredible passion and she's quite pretty. Incredible vigorous BBBJ, almost like face fucking but all generated by her if that makes sense. I had to slow her down pretty quick as I wouldn't have lasted long. She seemed to really enjoy digits (front and back). Did ask about greek but she apologized and said I was too big (very flattering, although I'm right around average). No complaints about that as of course everything is always YMMV. Unfortunately I didn't get to try more than one position as I finished pretty quickly in mish. Overall a great time.

I have seen 3 other SPs, and in terms of service Casey blew them all out of the water, just no comparison whatsoever. I won't bother reviewing any of the others as they're no longer in the business.
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C is for Cassandra

Jan 05, 2016
... and probably just about any other hot-blooded straight male out there.

Met the lovely Cassandra just before I flew out of YYZ. The whole thing was arranged through text which I found super convenient. One last text from the hotel lobby and minutes later I found myself in front of an attractive, fit, bubbly blonde. I have a thing for toned legs and tall women (especially odd since I'm not tall myself) and Cassandra delivers on both fronts.

Pro-tip #1: If visiting the airport location and you don't have a car, check if there is a free airport hotel shuttle from Pearson to your hotel (there was in this case).
Pearson to this particular location, while only a 8 min drive, is a $21 flat-rate taxi ride. #learntthehardway

We seemed mostly LFK with a little DFK (ymmv). Standard acronyms applied. Seems like she is down for just about anything, but with great trust comes great responsibility (i.e. don't be an asshole). BBBJ was very PSE with lots of spit and drooling. She seems to cum pretty easily so bring a cape because she'll have you feeling like a f'n hero. YOU ARE A CHAMP!

Defining Assets
1. Ugh. Those legs! So long! And toned. And flexible - hellooooo human pretzel! Thank-you Netherlands.
2. Sloppiest of the sloppy PSE BBBJ.
3. Great personality and conversationalist. I like it when SP's have actually something to say. Was interesting to talk to her about different ethnicities and associated stereotypes. I apparently broke a few. You're welcome Cassandra!
I kid.
If anyone is to be thankful, it'd be me. So thank-you Cassandra.
4. Loves cum and all the creative places it can go*
*Sadly I didn't get to indulge her passion for protein. Really wanted to paint her a personal Jackson Pollock but stupidly saw her at the end of a work-related all-nighter. My mind was telling me YAAAASSSSS, but my body, my body was telling me NOOO*. Sadly couldn't finish despite our best efforts after MPOS. My boss better appreciate that TPS report.
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