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Big No No's...and some new rules of mine

30 Jan, 2018 Cassandra writing a negative thread? Well, kind of. I think I am more or less writing this as like a public service announcement.  To make clients aware and more in tune with how to act with an escort, from the booking phase to the actual meeting.  I have normally ever had many issues with my clients, because for me, it starts from the very first point of contact.

How someone introduces themselves to make a booking is HUGE.  Do I ever respond to stupid and weird emails and "hey baby"  Unless it's something super witty.  It boggles my mind, time after time, to be offering SO much of myself, my time, my body, my personality, my whole be constantly berated by clients asking for discounts, talking to me like I'm just a piece of meat, etc.  I think putting this all into a matter of perspective will make more sense to guys going forward, and hopefully, make a difference for all us escorts/companions.  Or, maybe it will be ignored.  Either way, I need to speak my mind.

Let's start with the basics.  The complex life of a companion.  Let's talk about mine in particular. Employee, Companion, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Coworker, COMPANION, taxi driver (kids), hockey Mom, cook, etc.  Now let's talk about the companion side.  The 3rd of my life.  The 30 percent of my life.  Do I love this career? OH YES!  Do I love what I do? FUCK YES.  But there has got to be an easier way to do this without making me so jaded.  I try and respond to my emails within a day or two.  If I haven't responded, it's because you probably forgot some important is a list of some forgotten info:

1) Name (doesn't have to be real, but cmon, call yourself something! This has to be sexy! )

2) Time and duration and date of appointment


Now, I understand some men are going to have the attitude of, well, you charge $400 an hour so I call the shots and you should be so lucky to even have me consider you.  No.  Not really.  And if you have that attitude I surely do not want to see you.  I like my men and women with personality and decorum. I have such an amazing following of pre-existing clients, that have never once argued me rate, questioned my rate, asked for discounts, or demanded immediate answers to emails/texts.  They have not sent numerous emails to me, hounding me to respond. They don't abuse the time that I am with them that they booked, but rather leave promptly knowing I too have other things going on life that need attending to.

I am going to start with my list of new rules first.  I am no longer able to offer discounts to clients.  I have offered so many discounts this past year.  Lots of clients paying only $300 an hour, some 300/90 mins, overstaying, asking for lunch after, taking time etc. Every time I cancel on someone, I take half off the session.  Truly.  I give and give and give.  And I have been cancelled on NUMEROUS times and not once given a cancellation fee or tip or anything.  That hurts. I never ask for a cancel fee because I feel bad about it.  I have another life outside of this, and I cannot be everyone's friend.  I am only one person.  I can't have this start drifting into my personal time and life.  I make my hours so that when I leave, I continue on to the hockey rink or making dinner and tending to my two kids.  Or, working my other job.  Or just having some me time in bed drinking tea watching "This is Us" (Fuck I can't wait until the season finale after the Superbowl EEEEEK!)

Anyways. This does not mean I do not like you or enjoy spending time with you.  But I do have to be more business minded and resposible.  This is a BUSINESS.  I put so much effort into my meeting with you.  From having my nails and toes meticulously done top notch, my body scrubbed, cleaned and shaved and smooth head to toe.  Putting so much forth with any outfit request, and pretty much doing anything sexually without asking any extra fee. (NO, chill out I am NOT saying bareback, I am talking things like squirting, CIM, CIMSW).  I think the disrespect of not paying my full rate, and continuing to push for more and more, is very upsetting to me.  I put up with this because I am a kind soul.  I don't want to hurt anyone.  But I am a single mother, and these are the same guys that are flashing their fancy BMW's and ritzy lifestyle in my face, as I am offering off 100 discounts.  If this bothers you, then you will have to see someone else.  I cannot continue to disrespect myself and my time and my body, and my lifestyle, to catering to other people anymore.  I truly hope you understand.  I know by writing this, I will lose many.  But I do have to take a stand.  I sure as hell know I am worth every penny I ask.  Whoever is unwilling to respect that, can truly find someone else cheaper to see.  I have often had many clients (regulars and non regulars) pressure me into offering them a lower rate, and their reasoning is "Because I am an easy client and I bring you wine".  However, I have lots of clients that pay my full rate, and bring me wine and are just as easy!  Plus, dudes...I can buy my own wine silly! There has to be a middle line somewhere.  No matter what, I provide EXCEPTIONAL and amazing service.  I always look my best.  To any new client, it's a pretty much sure thing that they will have an amazing time when they see me.  So I am asking, to my clients that know me, to the new, to the old, please respect me.  Please respect what it is you are getting for the money you are spending and the rate I am asking for.  I do not see a lot of people.  Therefore, the 2-3 clients I see when I do work, matters a lot to me. 

I have put a lot of thought lately into how to revamp this whole business of mine.  I always want to be better.  Do better.  I am a perfectionist.  But I really am being honest saying lately it's been hard to strive for perfection when I haven't been getting the best in return. 

So what do us companions want?  What do I want?  I want respectful remails.  I want detail in the email.  The admin work is so much of this job as a companion.  I don't want incessant "??????????" if I don't respond immediately.  I don't want bad attitudes.  Demands.  Rude behaviour.  AND NO MORE ASKING FOR DEALS!  And please no more dick pics! Let me see it in person at least! Pics prob don't do it justice, and no girl likes a dick pic.  I swear. Treat me like a lady.  Treat my coworkers with respect! Write a detailed email, or text.  Read our websites that we work so much on.  (Honestly, just read it through!)  Every website should probably contain the info you are looking for, so there is no need for the text/email: "Rates/availbility babe?" Cause you will not be getting a response from me.  This whole partnership companion/client thing...can be quite easy.  We BOTH have to have mutual respect for each other.  Conversation.  Laughter. 

Let's add some positivity into this dreadful blog. (I'm writing this thinking oh dear, please spare me those emails "Casey, are you talking about me!?) NOOOO.  I am just revamping this business of Cassandra Cox! So let's get to the positive.

 I APPRECIATE those clients who do respect and love me! Who don't pressure me to hang out after, who don't overstay, who pay me in full, my full rate.  I appreciate you guys so very much.  I appreciate all you new clients, some who I've never met yet, that provide detail in their email.  That even include HUMOUR in their email making me laugh.  It is such a fricken turn on.  I think most of us escorts open our email each morning and our eyes turn into this scanner thing, and filter out the bad emails to the good.  The ones that stand out with all the details and info get responded to right away!  And we are just one step closer to meeting and having an amazing time! I appreciate the guys that don't come empty handed when booking long dates, but rather bring a little something for us to share.  Whether it's a bag of chips, water, or wine.  It means something and it's really cute.  I appreciate guys who understand that 4 hours is a fricken long time to be in a small hotel room together, so they bring something to break up the time and encourage conversation, laughter, fun and replenishment.  I honestly cannot go longer than 4 hours without food.  It's just me.  I love food.  You've seen my cooking pics.  I need SOMETHING, even if it's a granola bar!  I am a human being with big tits, long legs and one big appetite and fast metabolism.

Did you know that:

1) Kissing burns 68 calories per hour

2) Undressing burns 8 calories an hour

3) Massaging burns 80 calories per hour

4) Sex burns over 144 calories per hour

Let's add this up.  300 calories/hour.  You are staying 3 hours.  900 calories!  Guys - I NEED REPLENISHMENT! Haha.  Wine, water , etc!  Companions are not super heroes, although some days I surely think we may be. And the way I do things, you're going to need water too!  Some cheap suggestions of things to bring to a multi hour appointment:

1) Wine (10 dollar bottles exist, I drink them on the regular and I do enjoy them.  Barefoot baby!)

2) Fruit (Longos, Fortinos, etc sell little tubs of them ranging from 5-8 dollars)

3)Juice/Water (Bottled water, 2 bucks, juice, well, maybe a bit more)

4) Chocolates/Cookies/Crackers/Cheese (10-15 dollars)

What's my point?  Let's be better this year.  2018.  Treat your companions with the respect and love they deserve. Don't get them jaded.  Finding a quality, amazing companion with looks, personality and charm is pretty much a goldmine, and although you are paying for it, look what you are receiving!   If we ask you for more info, we truly are not looking to out you.  I have so much on my plate, as well as everyone else, that I simply couldn't even think of doing such a thing.  The only thing we care about is being safe.  To trust the person we are being intimate with, regardless of it being a paid act.  The $400/hour that I charge truly is an experience. For you to come into my world, experience my wit and intelligence, my sexuality and for me to treat you like a king and like you are the only person in the world that matters to me.  That alone is simply amazing.  I get my hair done frequently by a top toronto hair dresser, and she charges so very much.  But she is worth it.  The girl who does my spray tans? 80 bucks a tan.  But fuck she's worth it.  (I am swearing a lot, forgive me, I'm fired up!)  Do I ask her for less? NO! It's her BUSINESS and I show my appreciation by supporting her.  Do I think my tan is really worth 80 dollars though? Not really lol!  But do I fester over that and grumble? NOOOOOO!  Let's just stop all this discount talk.  I am sorry to piss anyone off, truly.  But I really hope this weeds out the ones who have been non stop taking advantage of my kindness and good heart. 

For all the newbies reading this and thinking, oh dear, she means business! I am simply offering my opinion and feelings from the bottom of my heart.  And what not to do. And some of those no no's are:

1) Not including enough info on yourself, the appointment, or a reference

2) Cancelling a date the day of and not even offering a gift card or even 20 dollars 

3) Cancelling an appointment over 3 times and expecting your companion to trust you again without paying a deposit to secure the date (remember...we book hotels, time, and reject other appointments to see YOU)

4) Do not barter or ask for discounts

5) Do not overstay your welcome.  What you book is what you get.  Don't take advantage. We have plans and a life outside our visits.  Be a gentlemen.  It is so sexy when you are a gentlemen.  Nothing is for free in this world.

6) Don't ever ask "Why do you choose to do this if you are so smart?"  Just don't.  I probably wont' see you again

7) Don't try and get out of giving a reference guilt tripping the provider "I'm a really nice guy if you give me a chance".  No.  Just no.  That line has been used so many times.  I said before...Ted Bundy and Paul Bernardo were known as really nice guys.

8) Don't tell a girl she's a Plan B.  It ruins the mood.  Example. "I booked so and so but she cancelled, can you come see me?"  Maybe omit the part where you booked her coworker first, and straight to "Late notice, but any chance you're available!?!"



1) Give detail in email, be pleasant, introduce yourself, and be happy! This isn't a funeral.  This could be a lifechanging sexual amazing escape/experience.  Be excited!

2) READ THE WEBSITE!  Read your providers website! I guarentee you everything will be listed on there.  Details about the companion, likes/dislikes, schedule and rates.  It should take less than 5 minutes to get this information.  Do it!

3) Do your due diligence in your grooming.  Shave those balls, clean that D, put on some mild cologne.  Get yourself ready to be devoured!

4) Ask questions! If you truly don't know what to expect or have questions, just ask!

5) Have a nice attitude.  It is okay to be nervous, and I truly cater to those who are scared/nervous and shy.  I will soon make you forget about how shy you are and have you on your way to one of the most liberating and fun experiences of your entire life.


So, gentlemen, ladies, couples...are we in this together!?!?! Can we do this!?!?!?  YES!  I know it!  We can always be better versions of ourselves.  This companion world and what is available is just so fricken amazing.  Let's not take advantage of it and let's all be better. 


Much love, always







Goodbye 2017!

26 Dec, 2017

I just wanted to wish all my clients and friends in the industry a very happy holiday season! What a year this has been.  For me personally, there has been heartache and some pain, but mostly new growth and development for how I can be a better person all around.

I have quite the busy, double life.  I recently let everyone know that I am a young Mom (32 is young, right?), so it's not always easy juggling another job, this, and motherhood. I advertise in Toronto, but I live over an hour away.  I put a lot of dedication, planning, and energy into my work as a companion. But in all honesty, it excites me. It is all SO WORTH IT! I love making kids lunches, driving to school in baggy sweaters, being on school comittees, and having no one in a million years assume I would be an escort. Then, carrying on my route into the city and revamping into my sexy attire.  Haha!  My little secret.  OUR little secret! My goals for 2018 are to keep kicking ass and rocking and not stopping!

I want to thank all of my clients for being so amazing to me.  My regulars, the new dudes, the new ladies I've met, all of you are just simply wonderful.  I have had so many wonderful dates this year, time spent in luxury hotels, average hotels, amazing meals from eating sushi naked in bed together. For me, it's not the ritzy expensive hotel or meals that matter, but the connection and time I have with you. It's never about the gifts, or being pampered.  It's the little things that matter. The cutest thing for me is a lot of clients have brought me true crime books.  You have no idea how much I love this and I have no officially read them all!  So thank you.  I don't care about the brand names or luxury items.  A simple gesture like those books and that you read my interests on my web page shows me how much you care!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love the stories I hear, the time we share, the food, times. You make being a companion something I couldn't imagine ever giving up.  Most of my clients have told me that it completes me.  I believe it.  I had a bit of a detox this week, not checking email or texts, simply catching up with my family and friends, cooking, and celebrating this Christmas season.  As lovely as it was, I missed the Twitter interaction and emails.  You all truly brighten my day!  I am looking forward to meeting new people this new year.  Trying different things, and being more dedicated.  I also wanted to apologize to those who I have cancelled on in December.  I had one month straight of coughing and being sick. (Sexy eh...)  I think it's on it's way out, thank goodness!  Let me assure you, my biggest goal for 2018 is to be someone you can rely on with an appointment.  MY PROMISE!

For the new year, not much is going to change.  I will continue to host incalls downtown, airport, Oakville and also Burlington.  I am also going to start working more in Niagara as it is so close to me.  My rates are the same, my services...and my personality! Teehee.  Who would change that! I am so lovable! Also, I am really into the duos right now!  I have a list of duo partners I will be adding to my website.  There is nothing I love more than another added partner in the bedroom ;)

On New Years Eve I will be working an event at Mickey V Club with my bestie, D'arcy. (Surely you've heard of us two right? Insert waterworks emoji here...insert another emoji for big boobies...and maybe insert one more that's a heart...cause I just love her!) VIP Favours is hosting.  If you have nothing else going on come on down and have some fun and I would love to chat and meet you if we've never had that chance yet.  Or, even if we have met, come on down! Tickets are $200.00, you get food, champagne and you get to sit next to me and Darcy for the night.  WARNING: We sometimes think we are comedians. But we are not too hard on the eyes.

On that note...good riddance 2017! It's been swell.  But I'm ready for 2018.  BRING IT!

Much love,






29 Aug, 2017

According to Wikipedia, personal bounderies are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits.

There are several areas where bounderies may apply.  Material, physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual.  All six of these areas come into play in the world of escorting.  This is why it is so very important to establish them - both the client AND companion!

Recently, it's been made known I haven't been doing a very good job at valuing my own personal boundaries.  When I first became independent last year, my whole goal was being this unstoppable, powerful, companion that defied all limits.  I wouldn't tell anyone my first name, my address, or any personal information about me.  I wouldn't develop feelings for a client.  I would strictly come in and do my job and go home.  Keeping the two worlds separate.  I failed miserably.

Why did I fail at this?  Why am I taking the blame? Part of it is because I am a highly emotional person.  I always see the best in other people and assume what they are doing is from the bottom of the heart.  But I realize there is an element to this industry that makes it super hard to trust anyone is doing anything from the "kindeness" of their own heart.

I never ever like to rat people out.  I think we all know this about me.  My Mama taught me well and taught me to always be the bigger person.  But I have had one hell of a year of being hurt by people I thought I could trust.  Girls spreading nasty lies, rumours, and jealous hurtful remarks.  Clients intruding in my personal life and details I tried to keep private.  And a so called male "friend" who completely took advantage of me and in which I spent a year long "imprisonment" to his controlling and emotinally abusive behaviour.  This certain well known man in the industry had all my passwords to my acounts, personal information he said was to use for my "taxes", and basically acted like a glorified pimp in which I owed him time and sexual favours in return for him checking my email.  Every terb ad posted would have to be his wording, his choice.  My blogs were always rewritten according to how he thought it should be.  Even simply driving him around (yes I did this) I would be ordered to go faster, slower, change lanes.  I remember one night in particular I was dropping him off to his car and as we approached it I said "There is your car."  He said, in front of my friend "No it's not silly.  You don't know what you're talking about."  We got closer and it most definitely was his car, but to actually admit I was right or perhaps had a voice was too hard for him to admit.  The whole basis of the relationship reolved around me needing him - not being okay to do it on my own.  Not being able to make my own choices in life, in this industry, or with my own personal time.  Mind you, this man did help me huge.  He got me started and provided advice that I wouldn't have known otherwise.  However, it came at a cost - and that price was my freedom.  Not worth it.  I still hear his voice in my head, always barking at me what to do or not to do. "Don't do that!"  "Sit down!"  "Turn here!"  "Do it this way!"  Like I was a lost puppy!

I eventually had enough.  I told him to get lost.  I came clean to my family and friends about my relationship to him just in case of revenge where his only upper hand was to "tell on me" and my job as a companion to those close to me. I figure if I had nothing to lose, what could he do to me?  The only thing left would be to kill me.  (Which yes, I had many dreams that he did that.  Thankfully I have a great therapist)

From there I also cut out a few other "clients" who were getting way too in depth into my personal life. I figured I better nip it in the butt before it gets out of hand like the other one. Whether it was an obsession or control, I really don't know.  But I had enough.  The day I broke free of all these things was the day my life started anew.  I knew this change would spark a new fire in me to be better.  A better person and companion.  And kick ass!  It was just a healing process and for me to learn that I was worth it and I could do this on my own and I was ENOUGH.  I was GOOD ENOUGH!

One client, who used to be super close to me, would make me feel like shit anytime I asked him to respect my privacy.  He would push my buttons by then asking personal questions, and prying.  I finally asked for him to leave me alone, and please stop contacting me.  I didn't hear from him again.  He would tell all girlfriends of mine (fellow SP's that he would see) that I was "mad at him"  So be it.  I thought it was pretty much over.  Until last week.  Again, keep in mind, he was one of those few clients who knew my personal address as we would do social dates when I was off for my boob job a year ago.  He would pick me up and we would do dinner at a place near my home so I wouldn't have to travel all the way into Toronto.  He always promised me he would never ever take advantage of knowing my address or do anything to not respect my privacy.  I thanked him.  However, a man scorned doesn't do that well I suppose.  This is what happened.  Last week while I was in Chicago, I had a close family member of mine picking up my mail for me.  This person informed me that I had a package that arrived.  I was curious!  Not thinking I had anything to hide, I told them to open it, as maybe it was something off Amazon that I forgot about.  Do you know what it was?  A personal note from the client saying how good I looked in all my pictures (I blocked him on Twitter so how he sees I have no idea, maybe my website) and some other personal information in the letter and a book titled "Thriving in Sex Work".  When this personal family member saw this, they were in shock and crying.  So was I.  How could someone be so blatantly disrespectful to send something like that to my home address?  I have never been so hurt and shocked.  My secret was out.  How do you lie about that one?  You don't.  What do you do?  You LEARN.  You get stronger.  And you learn to run one hell of a tight ass ship. I cried for about 5 minutes.  But then after this person offered me love and support, I could feel my heart hardening again.  But in a good way.  In a way that was saying "No longer will I let someone treat me like this.  No longer will I make someone make me feel inferior without my consent.  No longer will I allow others to trample through my personal life and destroy it.  No longer will another person take advantage of me"

Today is a new day.  But I am writing this blog so that all of you who read this, know the importance about respecting a companions privacy and bounderies.  Just because you are "paying" for a women's time does not give you entitlement to anything beyond the time you have with her. I have always respected my clients privacy.  I would never interfere with their personal life and their choices outside their time with me.  That is why you should be seeing me!  This is an experience.  An escape.  Why would you want any extra stress or someone meddling around in your personal affairs? Sure, during our time together let's be real and let's live up this fantasy and love every moment.  But it ends when we both leave that day. 

As humans, we have rights.  We have the right to say "no".  We have the right to say "yes".  We have the right to be addressed with common courtesy and respect.  We have the right to cancel or change commitments, to ask for help, to be left alone, etc.  It has taken a whole year for me to learn this. To not feel bad to stick up for myself.  For my life.  For my privacy. To be able to say "no". 

I don't want you to fall in love with me.  I know it's hard (haha! Seriously.  I am pretty cute and fun!) I want you to respect me and respect my business.  Just like I respect yours.  I am not jaded or upset anymore by these men.  I know there is no point in even trying to speak my mind with them as they will always think they are right, that they did nothing wrong.  But the picture is so crystal clear.  My boundaries were compromised.  They were broken.  And they made me less of a human.  Until now.

Cassandra Cox is back baby.  She is taking appointments starting September 6. And you are going to love what you get in return.  A spicy, sultry firecracker who is witty as fuck.  Who loves to fuck.  And after it's over?  Let's all just cherish the good times we had until I see you again.

Until next time...Stay classy Toronto ;)

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Rate increase change...

30 Jul, 2017

So, the day has officially come where I have raised my rates. I am a total low volume girl, so after much deliberation, I decided it was the most beneficial and reasonable decision for myself personally. Because I am not from Toronto, and because I am low volume, I rent my own hotels, drive to the location, etc. This topic has been discussed numerous times, so it's not really worth explaining what goes into each appointment cost wise. When I say low volume, what I mean is that I am not taking in client after client. Normally the time I book with you is meant for me and you - no rush, no one before or after. I am not a production line and have no desire to be! Although some may find it offense, I do not mind if a gentlemen asks if he can be my first/only of the day. I do prefer it. I do know my value and my worth, and what I offer in a session, not only sexually but emotionally. I hope everyone understands and I know it may not be affordable to some, but unfortunately I have to do it, while keeping in line with a lot of the other top girls in the industry. I have also added some new things to my rates packages. For appointments over 3 hours I now allow photographs and taping/video. I am a bit frisky like that and LOVE being on camera and having special memories to keep for after. This can also be arranged with my beloved regular clients, even if the date isn't as long. (Just cause I love you so much!) In other news, today I am having a beach photoshoot and will be eager to share those new photos with you this week! Just wait until you see my outfit... I am excited for all these changes and appreciate every one of you! Thank you for treating me so well and making me so happy!

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How I became a Companion...

03 Jul, 2017

Okay.  Second time is a charm?  I originally wrote an amazing blog and right when I went to push save, it deleted.  Insert expletives and curse words here.  F*@KKKKKKK!!!!!!!! 

Thankfully, I have busy little fingers so I will attempt writing it again.  I often get asked the question "How did you get involved in this industry?"  I appreciate this question and like it a lot better than, "Does your family know what you do?"  Honestly, when I get asked THAT one, I want to ask back "Does your family know what YOU do?"  Touche brother.  I will write another blog another time on most frequently asked questions. (Examples: How many men have you fucked? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you actually like sex?  Do you do this for the money?  Are you actually bi-sexual? 

Anyhow.  My life story is complicated, yet pretty cool and amazing.  I am going to share a little of it with you today.  It explains how I got here and how I became who you know as CC (Cassandra Cox).  Brace yourselves...


Some insight for you.  I was raised in a overly strict relgious home.  I went to a private relgious school.  I wasn't allowed to watch even Disney movies because they had "Satan" references in them (good verses evil) I wasn't allowed  listen to music, and even if we were watching National Geographic and a big pair of titties came on the screen my parents would turn the TV off and send us away. Nudity was shameful.  I was embarassed of my body and when I started getting tits I was petfiried to let my parents see.  How would I ask for a bra?!?!  I couldn't let my Mom know I had BOOBS!  Even though I was so sheltered, I knew I was different.  Different than most girls I knew.  I had raging hormones.  I don't know if it was because I was so sheltered and cut off from the world, or if it was just because I was born hornier than the average girl.  I remember taking the bus home and I would have orgasms on the actual school bus from the vibrations.  I would go home, take off my soaked underwear, and hide it and throw it out, in fear my Mom would find them in the wash.  "Why are they wet!?!"  Uh...

This part is really bad.  When I was 14/15 I would babysit regularly for a number of families.  Now, what I am about to tell you is going to sound like it is straight out of a porno, but I swear every word of this blog is 100 percent true.  Sorry to all you Dad's out there, here's hoping your babysitter is NOT like I was. Mind you, I took excellent care of the kids and even got awards and gifts given to me for being such an amazing babysitter.  After I would put the kids to bed, I would always know which Dad's were the more "dirty" ones if they had accessible porn on the TV.  Meaning - it wasn't locked.  So...I would watch porn!  Keeping an eye out of course for the parents coming home in the driveway.  I loved it. I was able to see and explore so much! 


My college years entailed lots of discovering, parties and sex.  I had my first threesome at 18 in the back of a mini van.  I had sex in church parking lots, an actual CHURCH, gave lots of road head, and fucked in front of a group of 20 people.  Believe it or not...I graduated!  I then started my job in Finance, and also taught piano lessons on the side for extra money.


Before I became the indy escort you know as Cassandra, I worked at an agency as Casey.  But before I became Casey, I was Bobbi.  So how did I become Bobbi?

In addition to working my office job in Finance, I started doing promotional modelling which also involved working stag parties.  I worked one in partciular for a huge executive, and was scouted out that night by the owner of an escort agency.  We spoke a bit, he told me a bit about his agency and what an escort does, and I was intrigued.  He gave me his card.  For the next two weeks it was all I could think of.  I researched every single detail of being an escort.  I asked the agency countless questions which they more than happily answered for me.  And the day came that I decided I was going to do it and do my first shift at the agency.

That first day alone I got three AMAZING reviews.  (YOu can still find them under "Bobbi" on Terb).  I was scared, I was nervous, and I barfed my guts out that night at home, but the next morning I woke up and I knew I wanted to do it again.  I was hooked!  It wasn't even the money.  I loved the excitement.  I loved dressing up.  I loved meeting so many interesting people!  I was so proud to work for an honestly amazing company (MINX COMPANIONS) If it wasn't for them supporting me I wouldn't have made it this far.  Minx still says that when girls leave, they only leave to go Independent and it's true!  I miss working for an agency, Minx, only because it was like a family.


Last summer, I knew I was done with being an agency girl.  I had a great reputation so was booked solid every time I worked.  Which, was my choosing!  The agency would always ask me when I wanted to cut it off.  But I think it took a toll on me and I realized I was more of a companion that enjoyed the finer things, and also longer dates and working on my own schedule.  With encouragement from my friends and sister, I started a business plan, an idea, and a name and decided to work as an Independent Escort.  And I have never been happier!  At first it was so tough responding to emails, getting used to things.  I still suck balls at advertising, I make stupid mistakes and mess up a lot.  Sometimes I don't respond quikckly to things.  But the thing is - I chose to be indepedent to do this not as frequently!  This job is 20 percent of my life.  It's not what makes me or who I am.  It's a huge part, and I love it.  But it's just a small fraction of my busy, crazy life.  I have a job, hobbies, and am recently really focusing on my food life!  Being an independent allows me to be picky and choosy in who I see, and who I spend my time with.  I read each email and based on how someone present themself to me, allows me to make a decision in if I want to see them or not.  It may sound pretentious, but I don't want to be that girl that sees everyone.  The word hobbyist actually grosses me out.  I realize now what I want, what I like, and who I want to get to know.  I enjoy longer experiences, where I find myself day dreaming of that person later on during the day.  It's that amazing connection of relating to someone and getting personal with them.  Yet, keeping it totally discreet and a secret.  Then going back to my normal life.  Working as an independent has given me a voice.  I am in control of my schedule.  I am accoutnable to me, and my reputation and service is all based on my attitude and how I am going to present myself.  I am thankful for all the amazing clients that come to see me, new and regular.  I am so thankful and happy I have such amazing clients, couples, and even my first female client.  It's truly amazing and I am sure if you have ever seen me, you can attest that I love what I am doing.  If I didn't, I really wouldn't be doing this.  I have always been stubborn that if I don't like or want something, I don't do it. 

So.  That's it!  Not as interesting as you may have hoped for, but it's how and why I am here today.

This blog totally isn't as good as the first one I wrote, but it's still something.  I hope it thrills you at least a little. :)

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Why I love my clients...

06 Jun, 2017

I am going to be honest.  I am scared to take on new clients.  Why? Isn't that the purpose of my job?  Get clients, get appointments.  For me, even though I have never really had an issue with a bad client I still worry a lot.  I carefully screen, and go with my gut instinct.  There is no amount of money in the world that is worth it to me to risk my safety for a few hundred dollars.  Also, I don't do this full time.  So for me to go all the way to downtown Toronto (country girl remember?) or anywhere near there, it better be worth my time and energy.  Although I am freaky as hell in bed - I need to like you first!  Establish a connection.  Feel special.  Enjoy myself.  With me I don't fake anything.  It has to be real.  I need to ask questions, know who I am seeing.  I am thankful when new clients are forthcoming providing references and being honest.  I appreciate it so much.  I understand it is risky for them to divulge personal details like their name or work so when they do to make me feel comfortable, I put my utmost trust and faith in them and assume they are a very good person.

When I worked at the agency, my approach wasn't like this.  I was eager for the TERB review, to take on as many clients as I could, not thinking a whole lot about safety or who they were.  Not even getting to know them!  Get in, shower, hello penis, bye penis, shower, out, bye.  Mind you, this is not being judgmental.  This may be how others prefer it.  Clients and SP's.  Just purely phsyical and transational.  But perhaps by me sharing my point of view, it will direct those to me that ARE looking for the approach that I am talking about.

Since I have become Indy, the clients that are dubbed my "regulars" have not only been there for me in a business sense - but emotionally as well.  Telling me I deserved the price increase.  Telling me to be picky.  Telling me I am worth it.  Offering support and guidance, and also friendship.  Most of my regulars will book me, then we go out to eat after and just shoot the shit (so to speak, excuse my country slang).  Why?  Because they know after a passionate session all I can think about is food.  (Steak!!!)  Guess what - sometimes I even pay for their meal!  BECAUSE I VALUE THEIR TIME!!!  Which brings me to my next point...

I have recently noticed a thread on TERB about how $300 is the new norm for seeing a companion.  I have been reading through the responses from both the clients and the SP's.  Some of what I read was disturbing.  Why I love my regular clients is because they can see through the bullshit of this thread.  I really do not understand the debate about price with a companion.  It has been said before and again and again.  If you can't afford it don't do it! Most agencies do offer amazing pricing of 250/hour for companions.  We in Canada are so very lucky for this variety.  We really are!

Why I chose $350 as my starting rate is because I knew I was worth that.  I do not see many men per day nor work every day.  If I book a hotel, I typically pay over $200+.  Now I don't even feel it worth going into the knitty gritty about the expenses (hair, make up, travel, condoms, lube, outfits) but honestly if any men have ever been to a lingerie store, Stag Shop or Victoria's Secret, $50.00 isn't buying you a lot!).  Last week I had a special client coming to see me (my reguar - you know who you are!) and I spent 250 worth of tape, gag balls and other freaky stuff so that we could play with it.  I wanted him to have fun and I knew I would certainly use the stuff after! (Ladies if you want the name of the vibrator I bought message me...HOLY HELL was it nice!) When the lady at the Stag Shop told me what my bill was for three items I was like "WHOA 250? really does sell!"  Haha.  Did I complain? NO!

I am getting off track here.  Any companion who you ask that thoroughly enjoys her job and enjoys being a companion will tell you that although the money is good - it is not our primary motivator. Any girl that does this strictly for the money doesn't last very long.  I do this because I know I can habe an exceptional interaction with the opposite sex - and sometimes the same sex - emotionally, physically, sexually.  The money is certainly an added bonus.  It has given me freedom to pursue my dreams, live in a beautiful home, drive a brand new car (a Korean import), and support myself as an individual.  When people try to negoiate rates or complain it's so offensive.  When we say it's our time we are selling it is really true.  The administrative work that goes behind this job, responding to clients, photoshoots, time spent getting your hair done for hours (GROSS worst thing ever for me, I would rather get root canal then sit and get my hair done) and even just travel time to appointments is insane!  Do you also know the plethora of emails and texts that come in that are just bat shit crazy weird?  Filtering through them is humourous but tedious to say the least!

Omg.  I get so off track.  The title of this blog was why I love my clients.  Why do I love them?  Because they value me.  They appreciate me.  They take care of me.  They respect me.  They see my worth.  They don't question the rates.  They don't question my time.  Oh, and they watch me eat a fricken huge ass steak.  They remember the little things that make me unique and give me gifts that may seem miniscule, but are so huge in my eyes!  (Some thoughtful gifts I have received thus far?  CAA membership, Walking Dead mug, Josh Donaldson bobblehead, stuffed Koala Bear (fav animal) WINE UPON WINE UPON WINE, lush bath bombs, Books on intellctual stuff, True Crime novels, Android boxes, Home and garden gift cards, and Converse shoes! ) When a man enters my room and he compliments me, hands me my envelope together with respect and love it makes me want to rip their pants off and...YOU KNOW!

I think I tell most of my clients that. I have said "You know the way you treat me makes me just want to suck your dick so damn good?"  Pull my hair, spank me, tell me what to do.  You earned me.  You earned it all.  And it makes me want to do so much more for you.   It is so true.  Nothing sexier than a man making you feel worth it. 

I'll end my blog with thanking those regulars of mine who always make me feel like a princess and making my business flourish - and to all the new men I haven't met yet - couples - women - whoever you are - I look forward to meeting you!  Yes I am scared to meet new people.  But with the right conversation and right information, I am so excited about the potential to build a very amazing relationship.

Enjoy the rainy day everyone!  :)



Getting Some Things Off My Chest

22 May, 2017

I am writing this blog today a bit perplexed. I originally wanted to write something like my other blogs - you know, purely sexual. However, my life tends to go haywire at the strangest times and it can get pretty unpredictable. I thought about NOT writing this blog, but realized I have nothing to lose in getting my thoughts out, clearing my name, and just venting about something that really bothers me.

I really strive to always be positive. Happy.  I see beauty in everything and every person and try not to let the small things drag me down. A few months ago I wrote a blog about being nice and not being a mean girl. Anyone who knows me knows this is who I am. This blog has a similar theme only it's directed to everyone reading it. Clients, women, men, no matter your gender, your sexuality, or your personality.

Okay Cassandra get to the point you say!

Here goes:

This week I found out I was the subject of a rather unsettling, disgusting rumour.  I apparently was the last to know as it's been the talk of the town and the reason why I was no longer asked to participate in orgies with a very well known woman in this industry. Now let's be clear. I will not name this person. I will not slander another person. And I will never ever gossip about someone else. I am not here to ruin her, to hurt her, or to cause her problems. I merely want to tell everyone my side and also get my feelings out in the open.

What was this unsettling rumour? That I provide bareback services to my clients.  In fact, one man in particular decided to tell a whole bunch of people that we engaged in this act and that I am "well known" for this service. He also claimed that we were in a relationship also. Funny, this was news to me!

Have I had unprotected sex before with someone with whom I was in a relationship? Of course I have. An intimate, trusting, monogamous relationship in my personal life. Who hasn't!?!

Unfortunately I do not know who this client is who said this. When I find out who said these falsehoods about me it won't be good. Although I don't usually hold grudges this kind of thing I absolutely do not tolerate lies about me. Why don't I know who he is? Because it's untrue. I don't know if he was even a client. Maybe another SW made it up. Maybe it was one of two clients I do not to see anymore because they continuously begged me for this particular service, tried to take advantage of me, and stalked and harassed me. I just don't know and I may never find out who started it.

So anyway, there I was the other evening. At an orgy. Supposed to be having fun. Learning this news from some people. And all I wanted to do was throw up. I felt sick.  I felt angry. I felt betrayed. Most of all I felt hurt. I'm a good person and I didn't deserve this.

I asked some of my friends what I should do. They told me to confront the person.  So I did. That didn't end well. So I festered some more, cried a little and wondered if I should just throw in the towel and quit this industry all together. What's the point? You do well, you get popular, someone is out there waiting to backstab you and tell lies that say your popularity is because you provide unsafe bareback services.  Why else would someone be so popular right? FUCK THAT!!

I know that my ability to connect with men, my personality, and my honest, genuine emotion are what make me successful. It's why I have so many repeat clients and dates. Yes, I am in my Cassandra persona. But Cassandra is actually so much a part of me now, I can't fake my true personality and self when I am with a client. Also my hygiene and health are so very important to me!  Not once in my life have I even experienced a yeast infection. Never! And I'm not implying anything negative towards people who have as I know it's common in the industry with soap, condoms, and allergies - but I just haven't. Anyone who has seen me knows this! I swear my doctor must think I am obsessed with him since I get tested every month! My sister is a nurse and always makes me overthink things so I get a bit crazy when I get a cold or sore throat and I assume the worst only to be told "you're fine". Haha.

Remember I have wrote before how much I love doing this? I DO! You can't fake being genuine. You can't fake being an actual good person. You can't fake making connections with clients, remembering special things like birthdays or job promotions or their name and what they wear. I remember all these kind of things because I actually care and want to be a part of their life - a positive part! I want them to leave happy, feeling like they got way more than their money's worth.

I think what hurt me so much about this rumour is the people that believed it. They chose not to associate with me because of this so total fiction. They have left me feeling that at the end of the day, its not worth my time or effort to associate with them anyway. Plus, I am hearing about more and more girls who are being accused of these bareback rumours.   When I confronted my good client about this rumour and what I should do, he told me the best advice out of anyone. He said stop feeling sorry for yourself, and MOVE ON. I laughed. He was right. I totally was just feeling sorry for myself.

That is the best advice I have ever received. So that is what I am choosing to do today! I realize people are going to gossip and talk. We can't escape that in this world, especially this industry. But I am definitely going to be more selective in who I let in to my little circle, who I trust and give my full love and attention to. And I am going to focus on people who stand by me despite gossip and innuendo.

There is nothing you can really do to "clear your name" when someone lies about you. What you CAN do is choose not to be a part of it. Positivity and kindness will always win. And if you can make any choice in life, I hope it is to be kind and never judge someone based on someone else's unsubstantiated opinion. You haven't walked in their shoes, you haven't lived their life, and you have no fricken idea what they are going through.

I've said this many times and will say so again - lets all just be kind to another.

Oh! And one more IMPORTANT thing: NO. I don't and will not do bareback with you. So don't even ask. Or try. Or plead. Or tell me how much you don't like condoms. It won't happen. Not with me. Not today, not ever. The next client to ever try that with me I will make sure everyone knows who you are and that you asked. It's unacceptable.




Some news!

23 Apr, 2017

Hello everyone! It has been so long since I have posted!  This blog today is more intended to keep you in the loop with my life lately and let you know of the changes that will be happening!  I also wanted to say I appreciate everyone who emails me and messages on Twitter, I am sorry I don't always have the time to respond, but it's so amazing to have so much support from everyone.

Okay, where shall I start? Oh!  Changes!  In the near future, I am going to consistently work out of Downtown Toronto.  What used to scare me does not anymore.  ( I told you I live in the country right?  Yes...cornfields and horses in my back yard.)  Dirt biking, getting dirty, that's my kinda thing.  I love the serene, simple life.  Coming into the city has always been a challenge for me due to my fear of how big it is and how busy.  I usually drive in, so I didn't realize parking was like the Hunger Games.  I mean I wouldn't even know where to park!  But gradually, the more I come downtown, I am mesmerized by the life in the city.  I am exploring new places, I am learning where to park without getting a ticket, and I am LOVING it.  The food?  Do not even get me started.  So many options, so much goodness.  YUM!  I am deeply falling in love with downtown.  And I am embracing it!  I've been looking at a condo so that I have a place to stay and can accomodate the early morning appointments everyone inquires about :)  (Although not too early, I am NOT a morning person, but I do LOVE morning romps!) So I will keep you all posted with this.  In the meantime I will still have places to use downtown to accomodate our time together.

On to the next subject: my members section on my website.  Guess what? I am actually going to start ADDING photos and videos and be sending out a monthly newsletter.  Isn't that exciting?  You will now have a purpose to actually sign up!  I know many of you have said "Um, so do you ever actually have anthing on your members section?"  Yes, my loves, now I will!  So stay tuned! However, the website doesn't allow any explicit content.  Sometimes twitter doesn't either!  Which brings me to my next point...

Snapchat!  I am going to let you guys know when it goes live.  I am going to have this for you to show you that dirty, explicit side.  When I know more details, I will let you know.  There will be a small monthly membership fee and I will be posting two to three times a week. That fee will be $25 a month, or $125 annually.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions in regards to this and I will answer for you.  I was hesitant to do the Snapchat only because I felt silly asking for a fee for something I genuinely LOVE to do (take sexy pictures!) but this will be easier to run and give me incentive to post and be active on it.

My availability is the next item on the agenda.  I will be available more starting in May and touring more cities and provinces.  Early May I am starting with...OTTAWA!!!  Ottawa boys watch out!  In regards to my schedule, I will post my schedule every week on Sunday morning, without fail.  

Hmm, what else do I need to tell you.  I am sipping on my coffee on this beautiful Sunday morning and I feel like I am just rambling.  Well, I think that's about it for now!

It feels so good to be more organized.  I am looking forward to meeting more of you and showing you the Cassandra that is motivated, excited and ready for every new adventure! Thank you all for making me smile all the time and making me feel like a princess.   I enjoy every minute of this life as a companion and want to do more for you, like you do for me!

Until next time, 



My memorable dates

22 Feb, 2017

Being a companion is the biggest source of excitement in my life.  I LOVE IT!  I always think to myself while driving...Oh my god.  I want to do this forever!  Although I have another job, this one takes most of my time.  Responding to emails, planning my week, and then the dates itself.  My other job I just show up in my sexy office wear, walk around innocently, and basically make sure my superior has his day planned out right.  (No, we have never EVER fooled around. This corporate job is so strict I would never dare tempt anyone there....or wait.....nah....I wouldn't!) 

Sometimes it's hard flipping back and forth between the two lives.  But it's all good.  I like the change.  I like the switch.

I am sure any girl who is a companion can agree that there are highs and lows to the job.  And there are some dates that just blow you away, and others that you think...oh my.  what the heck just happened.  Regardless, here are some memorabe dates I have had, which gives insight into who I am :) Please note: there are both good, weird and....bad.  Haha

1) I once had a client book a few hours, during the time we were....engaging in a second round...we heard water dripping.  We look and see that there was legit flooding going all the way to the bed.  We stop.  Mid boner.  He walks to the bathroom, and sees the toilet completely overflowed and was continuing to overflow! It was legit a FLOOD! Naked, I hand him towels as he starts trying to sop up the water.  He is naked too, but he lost his boner.  I think the toilet water kinda turned him off.... We had to call maintenance to come in.  Turns out the switch was broken on the toilet.  We got a new room.  And finished our business ;)

2) My first time squirting.  Memorable all around.  I made him keep doing it to me.  I couldn't believe something like that could happen.  Most exciting thing ever.  I was like a crazed lunatic " do it again to me!"  He obliged.  I never have been so dehydrated the day after.

3) Birthday rendevous! I had a client plan a gigantic birthday surprise for me, with clues and numbered boxes to open.  I think there was like 11 boxes of gifts to open, all things that I loved.  The last clue to open was him.  Then he opened me. I squirted for him too. How cute!

4) I had a really really cute and handsome client come in and he was young.  This always makes me nervous.  I find older men give me more confidence as they are so confident themself.  So, I get a lttle rattled. As I was trying to walk all sexy to the bed after taking his coat, my heel caught on the comforter of the bed and I fell the UGLIST fall ever flat on my face.  It was at that moment I was like...okay.  You can't escape this moment.  This just happened.  Luxury companion right here, sprawled all over the floor.  He just laughed, helped me up.  My face was legit red.  My knees had carpet burn - and it sure as hell wasnt from getting fucked.  Thank GOD he was so cool - I was mortified! 

5) Being fucked against a winow with people watching.  He was carrying me, had me pushed against the window of the hotel, my ass cheeks cold from the window.  enough said.

6) Being taken to an amazing restaurant for dinner and ordering so much food I make him let me pay for half.  I just couldnt justify it! Then, we were so full we actually just watched two movies, feeling sick haha.  The morning after we made up for it.

7) Being taken to one of the most amazing spas in Toronto by the sweetest guy ever.  We got the romantic room (or whatever the hell it's called).  Before our massages, the masseuses told us they would give us 5 minutes to get undressed.  I gave him a blowie the minute she left the room, taking only about 1 minute.  When they came back he was really relaxed and able to enjoy his massage thoroughly. :) So was I! 

8) Telling a client I loved Negan from the Walking Dead, and having him order a mug with Negan on it for me, surprising me with it.  I drink my coffee out of it every day.  

9) Being given countless, thoughtful gifts from clients.  Whether it's favourite pieces from Victoria Secret, Skittles, Jewellry, Vibrators, Boots, or...hamburgers...(yes,burgers OMG!) - it's memorable every time and wins me over.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness.  I love clients that understand my love of food.  If a date will be longer then 3 hours, they know me well enough to say "Okay.  So what am I going to do about food for you".  It's so cute. :) 

10) Accidently burping mid sentence while drinking beer with one of my more laid back rugged clients.  He just looked at me wide eyed.  And then applauded, and said "Marry me." I could put a man to shame.  (Still interested in booking me? ;) ) 

11) Being so wild in the sack, I fell off the bed bouncing away.  We just carried on - on the floor. I am sure EVERY girl can relate to this one. 

12) Winery and lunch date - this was the summertime.  It was so beautiful! And fun! 

13) Rollerblading date.  I had a guy come up and tour MY city.  I took him to the best rollerblading spot.  We ate ice cream outside.  Then got a hotel later.  I LOVE THE OUTDOORS!

14) I end this with my WEIRDEST experience ever.  I once had a guy come in, when I worked at the agency.  He had never been with the agency before, and he seemed fairly normal.  well spoken, well dressed.  He showers, comes sits down beside me on the bed, and looks at me and starts dropping hints like "You look like your real name would be..." And he gets my name right from real life.  Okay, I think.  that's a one off.  He then goes into other things "Funniest thing, looks like you would live in this city..." Gets the city right.  Then starts saying more personal things about me.  I freak the FUCK out.  Tell him to get out.  He then tells me he's a psychic.  I think he meant to say PSYCHOTIC.  I called the agency to escort this man out of the room.  He apolgozied and said he honestly was just guessing and wasn't meaning to freak me out and that he has a sixth sense.  Never heard from him again, neither did the agency.  WEIRD!

And that's a wrap! There are countless other stories I have, but these ones stick out in particuar.  Thank you for reading! Until next time, enjoy this LOVELY day! 



Sugar and spice and realizing many girls are just not nice...

18 Feb, 2017

Most blogs I have written share my sexuality and personality.  But lately, I have felt compelled to write something that probably most of us ladies can relate to.


Lately I have sensed and have fell victim to being part of senseless negative gossip.  The more people I meet, the more friends I hear stories.  And they are not good.


I have debated writing something about this, due to creating more drama, but at the end of the day I thought - FUCK it.  What will happen?  Another girl blocking me or perhaps saying something nasty?  Damage is done.  Moving on.  


It seems the better you do, the more popular you become, there will always be someone jealous of you and ready for you to fail.  Now, that is common in anyday life.  But the sex industry and jealousy among independent SP's is almost more cruel and hurtful than most. Everyone is in competition, looks, branding, personality, etc.  The lies, stealing from eachother, hurting each other, getting satisfaction from someone in pain - it's getting ridiculous! We NEED TO STOP!  It's not cool.

It used to really bother me if I heard something that was said about me.  Honestly, anyone who actually REALLY knows me...knows I am an honest, sweet person.  It always baffles me when someone is mean because it is so unpexpected.  I always am so confused.  I was born and raised in the country with LOTS of the girl gossip thing never really interested me nor did I get it.  We would spend hours each day dirt biking, ATV'ing, and swinging from ropes in the barn.  We never fought! Guys are not like that.  Well, maybe some...but for the most part guys don't hold grudges like women do.  The whole pretentious thing baffled me too - I was always and still am a simple girl.  I buy second hand clothing, I don't have a lot of brand names, and for two months now I have debated buying a pair of Louboutins...but still can't justify the money spent on them. (Oh but fuck they are so beautiful).  Here's another hint about just how basic I am - i didn't know the difference between Louis Vuitton...and Louboutin.  (I know now, but honestly, the name sounds so familar! HAAA!) My idea of an amazing date is just feed me steak and fuck the shit out of me.  No gifts required.  HOWEVER they are appreciated.  But like, I don't expect it.  Ever.  I love just spending time with good, kind people!

Okay going back to my original point - How did this come to be?  I get it that the world is going to shit at times, but when did we stop rooting for eachother as women?  In this industry, we need to support each other.  We need to keep each other safe.  We need to uplift each other.  Guys are always going to see someone else.  Sorry but true.  And there will always be someone newer and better.  If that is actually going to bother you or become jealous about then you are definitely in the wrong industry.  If we focus on being the best we can be, personally, we cannot fail!  

There is nothing that turns a guy off quicker than a negative personality or a girl that gossips.  When you are an actual true, genuine good person, guys see that.  They will repeat.  They want more.  Cattiness, pretentious attitudes do NOT go far.  Girls thinking they are better than everyone else, or even the men they are NOT go far either.  

I write this today in hope that we can all start being more kind to one another. Don't believe all the negative gossip, unless you know it to be true first hand.  Let's not tolerate bullying or bashing other girls.  I am taking the stand today to not do that.  Any negativity will not be part of my life.

To the girls I have met in this industry that are true, genuine amazing souls - you know who you are and I love you!  To the women who are always kind in asking for references and use the word THANK YOU and PLEASE - you are amazing! AND to all the women I have met that are just in general kind and accepting of me, and supportive, thank you.  OH - and to the most AMAZING ORGY group of girls - LOVE YOU ALL! (March 17 gentlemen.....event of a lifetime!) I am so thankful for all of you.  

Let's all be nice humans!! XO.  Peace out.  Mic droppppppp

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January 17, 2017 - Things I bed

17 Jan, 2017

My goal for the New Year was to start blogging more.  I received so much positive feedback from my first blog I wrote in May 2016.  A lot of you asked me if it was actually true.  It most certainly was!  Blogging exists to speak and write the truth!  A lot of my clients also said how turned on they got by reading it, and loved that I was so "freaky".  Well, that's only a small part of my dirty mind, my friends.

I think some fantasies should only be discussed in person.  I love discussing with my clients and friends alike our dirty little secrets, what gets us going, what we fantasize about.  What we like...

I think that I am like most people when I say that I like things real.  I am a companion because I LOVE it.  I do NOT fake anything.  I love getting off just as much as I love getting off my partner.  I watch amateur porn opposed to the heavily edited and theatrical porn because it's real.  (For the most part....)

Some of my favourite things?

I absolutely love fore play.  The act of sex itself is so simple, it's what happens before that really gets me going!  I don't understand how some guys can just quickly fuck and it's over.  Or the guys that want to cum as many times as they can in the hour or two, it's like a race, and it takes all the fun out!

I love sensually teasing, licking, feeling every inch of each others bodies with our hands and mouths.  I love, love, LOVE taking a guy's dick in my mouth.  Feeling it get harder and harder as spit drips down the shaft, seeing how deep I can take it into my mouth.  Feeling tears come down my face as it goes a little too deep, but then trying to go even further.  I love going on my knees so I can stare up at my partner while I'm taking every inch of him into my mouth as he helps guide me along with his hands on my head.

I love hands all over my body.  Whether it's my back, tits or pussy.  My favourite comment is "omg you are so wet".  I am like a fricken tap when I get going.  I am blessed in that department

I love taking my partners fingers into my mouth after he's put them deep inside me, so I can get a taste and then share it with him.

My biggest accomplishment this year has been experiencing squirting.  It doesn't happen every time, but with the right pressure and the right angle, the waterworks start flowing.  Big time.

Last time this happened was a few weeks ago. I was riding on top, and I could just feel something "big" about to happen.  I could feel how wet I was and saw water dripping down his dick. He noticed as well, and flipped me over on to my back, put two fingers inside me, and started fingering me.  I felt the most intense, amazing build up and within seconds I was squirting across the room, over the bed, it was splashing over my stomach, and even my face.  I looked down and the bed was completely soaked.  His fingers and hand were dripping with my wetness.  I told him to do it to me again.  So he did.  7 more times.  Then I put him on HIS back to finish him off by riding him with my drenched, soaking pussy. I wanted him to feel what a good job he did.  I think he liked it.

I think I went off topic here, but basically my point remains that being sexually open and real is amazing.  It's great to just fully let loose and let the feeling and emotion take over.  Completely enjoying every moment of it.  If you only cum once, that's okay! It's the whole experience, not a race.

Until next time...enjoy the rainy, cold, January day!


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A little glimpse into my thinking process…

22 May, 2016

I hate that being sexually open is something you have to hide. I get it. I work in a extremely professional corporate office. I am sure if I walked around talking about how much I love giving sloppy wet blow jobs and how I masturbate in our office bathroom I would be fired. And let’s face it. I still need to be employed, I need benefits and a pension. That’s life!

What I love most about working as a companion is getting to explore my deepest, perverse sexual fantasies with my respectful amazing clients. No judgment, no questions, no weird looks. Acceptance. The beginning of the week I work in an office, attending business meetings, arranging appointments and basically ensuring everyone meets their deadlines and their week goes smoothly. But boy. Is it painful. Because I’m so damn horny all the time. It’s like cruelty. I can’t even look at our board room table without imagining being fucked hard on it. Or giving a blow job to the quiet guy in the cubicle to the left of me during business hours. Or bending over to pick up a file folder I dropped in front of my male boss to make sure he can see I’m not wearing any panties. And so it goes. Week after week.

Don’t think it gets any different dating boys in my normal life. My last relationship was doomed from the start! Oh, he was a lovely man. Respectful. Good looking. Plain. He took me one weekend to get a couples massage in Niagara Falls. It was amazing! Until…well…ok hear me out.

We go in for our massage. Of course our massage attendants are both female. And hot as fuck. They tell us to undress and they will be back in 5 mins. My sweet boyfriend gets undressed, I kiss him and get undressed also, and go to my massage table. The massage girls enter the room and immediately my pussy starts twitching. Uh oh! Our massages begin. I can hear the movement of my boyfriends masseuse rubbing him with the oil. My masseuse starts with me. And my thoughts go into overdrive. All I can think of is - I want my boyfriends masseuse to give him such an intense blow job. I want him to cum so hard while I’m getting rubbed my this other sexy lady massaging me. I want him to think he has to be quiet because he doesn’t want me to know. I realize I’m getting extremely wet. I am so turned on. I can’t even focus on the massage. Fuck what a waste of money! Haha.

Ok. Fast forward. Massage ends. The girls leave. I look at my boyfriend, smiling. And I mistakenly tell him the whole time I was really picturing him getting sucked off and cumming hard by his masseuse. He looked horrified. “What is wrong with you?!” Poor boy. I knew then. This won’t work. Nope. We left. Went back to our hotel room. Fucked hard in our hotel room. I came three times. He was done after 2. We both decide to shower separately after. When it was my turn to shower, I masturbated 2 more times to the thought of him being sucked off by that girl. Phew. So. Needless to say. I couldn’t handle him. I need wild. I need crazy. I can’t handle plain…until my next poor victim I’ll stick with the amazing clients I have that appreciate the fact I would love to see them get fucked by another girl. Let me watch. :)